Monday, December 29, 2008

snorkeling vs snorekling..

during my last visit to the beach a few days ago, I went snorkeling..which was my 1st time actually..I had never participate in any activities involving being under water for a long period of time beside this holding-breath-under-the-water competition which usually held during short trips to the beach with a bunch of friends..this involve a group of guys and sometime girls also try to held their breath under the water too see which one of them that could do so for as the longest period..haah~ it sure bring back memories..good times, good times..anyway, unlike the usual snorkeling activities which we done in the open seas, I snorkeled in a man-made pool which was filled with salt-water from the sea and more or the less a simple under water ecosystem..this include marine life such as multiple kind of fishes, one sea turtle, man made corals and a few sunken tires and ship..well not the big kind of ship was just a normally seen fisherman's boat a.k.a the "sampan"..I had plenty of fun inside there..watching, feeding, touching the fishes give me a lot of ease in both mind and makes me forget about the harsh, hot land..wonder if we could build a utopia inside of this cold, serenading, under water world..
moving on to snorekling..yes this is a word which seems quite similar but have another kind of meaning..this term comes from the root word "snore" which is used to show an act of snoring during sleep..and of course, I made it up myself to spice up the title a little bit..don't use this word in an academic writing..I used it to show the wonderful and relaxing holiday I am having right now..which I spent most of the time on my bed..but I don't snore while I'm sleeping of course..I exaggerate the tittle a little bit..
seems like this will be my final post for this year..not pretty much to covered up another year ending..well like I care..

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