Thursday, September 29, 2011

My New Life..

well actually I'm referring to my new notebook's battery XD yeay congratulation to I can stay online a whole lot longer than old battery can only sustain itself for 20 minutes more or less..but this new one can keep me onlining(lol XD) for a good 2 hours and more ^o^ hurray for my new battery..heh..I'm thinking of getting a new notebook earlier..not that this one have any fault or anything..I just need to update myself that's all ^^

Monday, September 19, 2011

100th XD

yeap..this is the 100th post here..nope..that's not my age seriously..heh..I'm a bit tired currently..I went on a trip earlier was held under the district's preschools council..we went to another preschool and for a little sight seeing..I experienced fish massage for the 1st time in my's kinda like those fish spa treatment but only with bigger fishes in a river..the result? my feet feels awesome XD

Saturday, September 10, 2011

it's been a while XD

hey I'm still here..same old-carefree-happy-go-lucky type of guy I am..hurm..minus the old part XD maybe it's just because it's me or maybe it's just them but lately, I've been seeing kids struggling to deal with matters that I hadn't face in my life..well perhaps I did, I just didn't care much about it back then..the point is, kids should just be kids..don't let problems such as boredom, love (lol, sorry can't help it XD), life? what if you are why should you care about love and how is it that you are not living..I'm not saying I'm the best example okay, I'm not..the fact remains I feel free compared to I the childish one around here? don't answer XD ah the way, kids in my point of view are those who are younger than me so it could be hard feeling kiddo ^^

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