Thursday, August 9, 2012



Name: ahmad fikri b zulkifli
it’s a nice name..
Nick: iki/eky
given it mysf..
Age: 27
I wonder..
Height: 180 cm
I would love to get higher but I guess that’ll be impossible at this time..
Weight: 65+ kg
Haven’t weight mysf for sometime..want to gain more for ever..
Personalities: Narcissist
Basically I’m a self-centered, ego, sadistic being..not too bad..yeap, I look down upon humanity sometimes..if not most..
Traits: evil
It’s good to be bad..
Favourites: Reading, gaming, doing sports, good foods, calmness
I just need a kind and peaceful environment where I can relax and enjoy my stuffs..or else my dark side shows up too much..not that it’s hidden or anything..a hassle really..
Dislikes: Negativity, annoying situation, stupidity
Can’t blame the animals..
Views: flexibility and adaptability
No bother..
Future goals: whatever will be will be
I don’t care much..

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