Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Legend Continues..

Ragnarok Online II - Legend of The Second..with a new year comes a new addiction I guess XD so far this mmorpg is still in open beta test meaning there's a lot of bugs and glitches that needs to be fixed..but I can still enjoy myself quite well in this game..this game emphasizes heavily on quests rather than grinding for quick level up..of course you are free to go down with hard core grinds if you are up for it..there's also instances dungeons for hunting those new equips rather than buying them all from shops and vendors..plenty of boss to challenge ranging from weak newbie bosses to high end final bosses for those with skills to back up their guts and challenge..I must also mention the dual life system make this a new experience for some since if your tired from all those fighting and hunting, you can also go gather materials to craft more advanced equips and battle supplies..the in game cinematic are also quite nicely done by the team of developers..though I must admit hearing npcs speak Korean(I think) is a bit of kill joy..I don't understand one bit of course XD one of my friend comment that the voices of those kafra girls is rather watch out for it guys..for those looking for something new to do later, wait for the official release coming in a few months I hope..
here's the site:

Friday, November 23, 2012

In time we forget..

just bumping this post back up..

humankind are bound to forget..
but those who are suffering..
they can never have the leisure to relinquish that harshness they felt..

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Once in a while..

"Wake me up when september ends," they say..but it's already late October and I haven't got my calling yet..haih..just kidding :P
well it sure has been a while..since my last post that's just that I have nothing to say lately..more like I'm too busy with my many lives online..heh..I wonder if it'll ever ends..jumping from 1 life to another..but I guess I'm okay with these for now..whatever will be, will be..another song lyric :P
anyhow..I'll just keep heading forward..or any direction I'm facing now..maybe it's the dark side but who cares XD as long as it's fun..that's all that matter me..
this pic was taken on top of the Crocker can see the white mist is all around me and it's still day time..a bit past noon I think..but it sure is dark up there..and windy..I had a hard time controlling my shivering hands then..I do love the cold cool and refreshing..heh..anyway what's with the "Once in a while" up there u ask..well here it is..a pic of me :P

Thursday, August 9, 2012



Name: ahmad fikri b zulkifli
it’s a nice name..
Nick: iki/eky
given it mysf..
Age: 27
I wonder..
Height: 180 cm
I would love to get higher but I guess that’ll be impossible at this time..
Weight: 65+ kg
Haven’t weight mysf for sometime..want to gain more for ever..
Personalities: Narcissist
Basically I’m a self-centered, ego, sadistic being..not too bad..yeap, I look down upon humanity sometimes..if not most..
Traits: evil
It’s good to be bad..
Favourites: Reading, gaming, doing sports, good foods, calmness
I just need a kind and peaceful environment where I can relax and enjoy my stuffs..or else my dark side shows up too much..not that it’s hidden or anything..a hassle really..
Dislikes: Negativity, annoying situation, stupidity
Can’t blame the animals..
Views: flexibility and adaptability
No bother..
Future goals: whatever will be will be
I don’t care much..

Thursday, July 26, 2012


heh..just self-reflecting into my inner self after a few days of errors..I know I'm not suppose to do it..I don't even like/want to do so..yet I did anyway..for what end? no pleasure..not even comfort nor joy or why? no definite answer I guess..only lingering thoughts and feelings that are not too hard to fathom hitherto unclear..personally I despise conflicts and other forms of negativity so this annoys me..a lot..further more they are all from my own course of actions..which made the above arguments..haih..I'm a total mystery to myself at a times..or maybe I'm simply turning away from the fact =P
for what it's worth, it's still's me..ciao..

Tuesday, July 10, 2012



Is there anybody you just wish would fall off the planet?

Do you wear your seatbelt in the car?
 not when I'm at the back..

Name one thing you worry about running out of.

What famous person do you (or other people) think you resemble?
my father/mother..I also had ppl saying that I'm like tom cruise, usui n plenty others..

What is your favorite pizza topping?
Pepperoni and cheese..lot of em..

What are your super powers?
I'm a narcissist..

What's your most annoying habit?

What is your best physical feature?

What CD is closest to you right now?
Tom & teaching aids XD

What 3 things can always be found in your refrigerator?
Cold water, sausages and chocolates..

Would you rather be a fish or a bird?

What are your favorite sayings?
it's good to be bad..

If you could go back or forward in time,where would you go?
I wonder..

What do you do when no one is watching?
it's a secret >:D

If they made a movie about your life, what actor/actress would be you?

Coffee or Tea.
tea please..

Do you talk to yourself?
I am now..

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dream Life..

so lot of people send me spams and such..most of them sounds a bit like this "have a chance to live your dream life" or "increase your income like you always dreamed of" stuffs like that..not that I give a damn about any of that but the word "life" itself pique my thinking box..I'm living a life right now..the question is how satisfied I am with the current lifestyle I have..what kind of life do I want for I having the good life..what more do I need in life..these kind of questions came pondering into my head just then..pretty interesting thoughts I began to submerge myself in deep thoughts, I realized a couple of things which usually slipped my mind every now and then..things such as goals, interests and dreams..talking about dreams, I daydreams quite a lot myself XD well sometimes it's just me visualizing my next course of actions and most of the times just fantasies :P that's one thing that never change I guess..anyway, back to the main topic, my life for now..I must say I'm pleased with my current lifestyle..stable, relaxed and really enjoyable  XD do I need more? yeah I guess..desire is a greedy thing >:) but I have no interest in breaking the pleasant pace I have till will the "dream life" come to me then? that's just for time to far as I'm concerned, whatever will be will be =P

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