Sunday, February 28, 2010

A new episode..

My life travel had always been a smooth ride..the road itself is very pleasant, straight, wide and less bumpy..for sure things always turn my way and that served me real well..because of that, I've turned into a guy with no interest for a higher goals or anything as fancy..moderation..that's how I am today..
enough about me's the story of my new environment and me..I had been placed in an area which I considered quite remote..this latest home of mine differ from my usual settlement with a vast magnitude..let say 10th to 20th times the differences rate..not that it's uncivilized or anything but the differences is in term of languages, customs and norms generally..the divergence is so great that while I'm reluctant to say it but I've really been thrown off balance for quite a while now..I've lost sight of my early goals and now dragging myself into each passing days without a real sense of what I'm doing..well that may sound a bit abroad but in a way it is true..facing a new type of environment, language is vital tool for overcoming the other barriers..and I'm having trouble in communication sometimes..which is not a good symptom..several times I felt dispirited and that coming here was a bad idea..that I'm not suitable for this kind of workplace situation etc..
am I going to back away??chicken out now??
no..I guess not..I'm not so great to say I'll find a way to turn things around..I'm no idealist to try every possible insights and ideas's just I know thing will turn out my way in the has always been like that in the past and that how it shall always be in my future..all this troubles, challenges are but one or two of the bumps in my less bumpy travel route..I know, this is my way, and it will suit me well..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


my 1st post in here since my new placement in rural area of Sabah..just checking if it's possible to post a decent stuff with this awfully low coverage I'm goes..

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