Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dream Life..

so lot of people send me spams and such..most of them sounds a bit like this "have a chance to live your dream life" or "increase your income like you always dreamed of" stuffs like that..not that I give a damn about any of that but the word "life" itself pique my thinking box..I'm living a life right now..the question is how satisfied I am with the current lifestyle I have..what kind of life do I want for mine..am I having the good life..what more do I need in life..these kind of questions came pondering into my head just then..pretty interesting thoughts indeed..as I began to submerge myself in deep thoughts, I realized a couple of things which usually slipped my mind every now and then..things such as goals, interests and dreams..talking about dreams, I daydreams quite a lot myself XD well sometimes it's just me visualizing my next course of actions and most of the times just fantasies :P that's one thing that never change I guess..anyway, back to the main topic, my life for now..I must say I'm pleased with my current lifestyle..stable, relaxed and really enjoyable  XD do I need more? yeah I guess..desire is a greedy thing >:) but I have no interest in breaking the pleasant pace I have till now..so will the "dream life" come to me then? that's just for time to tell..as far as I'm concerned, whatever will be will be =P

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