Monday, February 23, 2009

Once Upon A Time in Putrajaya..

Last weekend, me and a bunch of my friends went to Putrajaya to participate in a futsal was my first time entering an event of this kind the past, I only play soccer or futsal inside my institute in the evening or if there are closed tournament held by the student's group..anyway, since it was my first time I ever joining, I felt surged by all king of emotions althought I didn't show any of it on the outside..I was thrilled, excited at the fact that I'm playing in an open game..I'm scared, anxious for not having much skills and experiences in the game..I'm sad since I couldn't play with the volleyball team since both match started on the same day..I'm happy, glad because I'm there with a bunch of friends who had faith in me..
the competitions was held for 2 days, saturday and sunday..since about 48 teams entered the tournament, the 1st day was given for thegroup match..there was 3 teams inside each group which mean only 1 team from each group will need to be taken out of the match..our team had to wait for a long time until our turn arrives..and to my amazement, we had 2 complete victory for every match that day..I couldn'tbelieve it when I first set my eyes toward the other teams we had to face..mostly they had a better built-body than me and seems much more skilled with the ball than me, again..but I refuse to give in to the fact of my incompetency and tried to perform my best during each game we played..with the help of my fellow team members, we succeded in the 1st round as a group champion..not too shabby..
on to the next day..we had a much tougher opponents that day..during the 1st match, my shoes gave up on me on the second half of the game..this rendered me unable to play since I didn't bring any spares one..even so, we had already taken the lead during the 1st half and manage to maintain the momentum through out the was during the best 16 match that our journey was finally was a pity really..early in the game we manage to scored one goal and taken the lead yet again..but we couldn't maintain that lead and when the final whistle blow we were beaten 3-1..still, it was unexpected for us to last this long in the match..I had a pleasent experience all the way till the end..many thanks to all my was fun playing along side them all..
hehehe ^^

Thursday, February 19, 2009

copy & paste II

On criticizing
Author: nfarhana
•8:24 AM

While I appreciate comments on this blog, they are moderated and any that are negative will not be posted. If you try hard enough you can find something bad about everything. But the reverse is true as well, if you try hard enough you can also find good in everything, and that is purpose of all of my blogs.

Criticizing and condemning the information here is not going to change my view on the world. When stating your opinions, please ask yourself...
Does this achieve the goal I intended?
Did this bring peace to anyone?
Did my comments hurt someone else?
Does my opinion change reality in any way?
Are my words helpful or hurtful?

taken from

I simply put it here..for us to ponder..about what we say, n how we suppose to say it..hehe =P

Sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit..

sebagai manusia, kadang2 kiter terluka..
ssebagai manusia juga, kadang kite melukakan..

sebagai manusia, selalu kita berkata..
sebagai manusia juga, selalu kita mengata..

sebagai manusia, ada masa kita bersedih..
sebagai manusia juga, ada masa kita menyedihkan..

sebagai manusia, kita rasa best..
sebagai manusia juga, kita perasan best..

sebagai manusia, acapkali kita terlupa..
sebagai manusia juga, acapkali kita melupakan..

sebagai manusia, menjadi pujangga..
sebagai manusia juga, terjadi pujangga..

saje aku menulis..sekadar mengisi masa terluang..hehehe =P

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sport's Festival is Back..

earlier this morning..I went to a meeting of my sport house..I was a bit late because of some work and the meeting were already underway when I arrived..most of the faces I saw in there were still the familiar faces which I had seen last year during the sport festival..f.y.i, I didn't attend the meeting last year because....I totally forgoten about it I think..hahaha..anyway, due to my active participant this year, I was majorly voted as the representative of my batch isn't so bad compared to my friend who had to be the head of his house..such a hassle really..well, luckily the sport's day is about 2 months away from I don't think much will have to be done about it for now..
actually, I manage to win a gold medal and 1 bronze medal last bad I couldn't participate in my 3rd event because of last minute injuries..but for this year, I think maybe I'm gonna go all out right from the start..or maybe.....I'll just slack off until the actual day and win at least one medal as a keepsake..hahaha =P

Sunday, February 15, 2009

copy & paste I


"sapi, GO!"

tak pernah aku menonton film animasi di panggung. buat pertama kali tradisi itu dipecahkan. paling klasik ia adalah sebuah animasi 3 dimensi made in Malaysia. lokal. bukanlah juga peminat penuh setia dua kembar nakal upin dan ipin, tetapi setelah menonton GENG, penuh tertarik dengan keletah dan gelagat si nakal-nakal itu. berbaloi. sangat berbaloi menonton film yang genre-nya tak pernah sekali aku tonton di layar perak. ketawa dan terus ketawa dari mula sampai habis 90 minit itu. bangga aku melihat satu panggung penuh dengan penonton-penonton, pencinta film melayu. julung kali aku menonton film melayu, film malaysia yang panggungnya penuh sungguh. engkau mungkin jelek dengan film melayu, lebih-lebih lagi untuk ditonton di layar perak. engkau mungkin sangat selesa menonton film-film asing, film-film yang engkau agungkan. film yang penuh adegan bercium mulut. atau berkata 'ah!' untuk film animasi di panggung. engkau mungkin selalu berkata tidak berbaloi menonton film-film lokal di layar perak. engkau mungkin kata film melayu bukan karya. sampah. engkau telah silap!

rajoo : ipin, cuba pikir masa depan!

muthu : mak uda, cuba pikir masa depan!

engkau baca dua ayat ini tak kelakar, bukan? then, tonton lah sendiri!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The End..

not my end..but the student council which I'm in was officially disbanded yesterday..all that left there is the memmories that my comrades and I shared from the times we spent together for those past 10 they are:

back(from the left) : ain, mariam, hannan, farahin, razlinda, aina, eliza, azizah, syakirah, syahidah, muslihah
front: yazid, zaki, fahmi, hadi, yasir, firdaus, faiz, me, kamil, munsif, nik azman, zaihan

I enjoyed my stay with these guys..

last trip to Malacca..

I went to Malacca about 2 weeks ago..nothing changes much except I was there with most of my classmates..since I'm still not in the mood for writing, I'll put some of the pictures here then..after all, a picture is worth a thousand word let them speak for themselves..

me with a buch of crocodiles from the farm..they are quite open to people as you can see..

on board the river cruise..
(I can still remember the distinct aroma from the river)

blending away into the darkness..

I spy with my two eyes..

my group..

feeling a bit light-headed..up, up n away.. lucky day..

this was take at Mini Malaysia's stage..

playing at sagil waterfall..

guess what..

jungle troopers..roll out..

Monday, February 9, 2009

Two Eclipses..

just about a month ago we had solar it's lunar eclipse turn to darken our, what a time we are living it the sign of appocalypse getting closer..or is it just pure coincidence they relayed in such short time..what ever the truth maybe, I think it is a omen that our time on this beloved earth of ours is nearing its end..sooner or later, all the things in the earth and the sky shall be....gone..I wonder if I'll see it with my own eyes or not..I wonder..

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