Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ragnarok Onlining again ^^


it's been a long since I last become involved in online gaming activities..sure was nostalgic thinking back to those days back then..nice, pleasant memories..haih..sure is nice to be younger..well, I'm not too old myself anyway..for those who doesn't have any idea whatsoever about what I'm saying here..go see for yourself then..the world where I indulged..hehe ^^

Saturday, July 18, 2009

2nd week stories..


haih..another tiring yet fun week had ended..unfortunately, there weren't much free food this time..except for the routine preschool break filler, I only got 2 lunches served before LADAP's ok I guess since the allowance had finally banked into account so finance is blooming at this period of time..estimatedly, half of them will be gone for bills and outstanding club fees plus I'm wanting for a bigger storage disk..I just couldn't wait to start downloading anime again..pity 1 of my favourite link has gone bad..still, I had a few others to turn to this time..owh, and I wonder when will the network service come back to's more than a month now I think since the connection deteriorated..I wonder what the real cause for the problem is..haih..

anyway, school sure are nice..except for the lesson planning part since it is too much of a hassle..still it really helped during teaching..heh..can't believe I'm getting close to becoming a real teacher anytime soon..I'm in the middle of improving the group learning activities with my partner..I started by giving the group leaders each a bag containing learning utensils and the worksheets for each activities that requires them..since the children are quite advance this time of the year, I saw that they are capable of listening to instructions from their peers plus the leaders had good leadership abilities..well, nothing much compared to mine when I was their age just mean I can slowly release their hand to start grasping things on their own..of course there are still need for guidance and nurturing along the way..haih..incompetent's time they stand on their 2 feet instead of leaning toward their teacher..

the preschool are still quite new..just opened this year to be there are still things needed to be added to the learning utilities..small scissors and glues are nowhere to be seen which leaves me no choice but to get them that money is not yet a problem, I generously bought all those stationary myself..lucky kiddies..where on earth can they get a practical as loving and caring as me..well, until I get totally assessed that are naive and innocent??I see only disastrous, noisy, ungrateful brats..they couldn't understand nor even bothered about the reason I had to sacrifice my sleeping time finishing the lesson plans for them..then wasting my ink catridges to print teaching aids also for them to have a great learning experience..all they knew is to make a ruckuss everytime and everywhere..they are such a hassle..damn 'gakki'..

oh yeah..been making some outlines for the mural inside of the preschool ground..had to teach those little kids dance steps for the preschool anual carnival..and then being selected to be in the Floria Competition, which requires teachers to build a small lanscape for a self-picked theme..that somehow concludes my second week of practical in SKPP14(1)..oh yeah, I made a lot of controvesional statements also..haih..wonder what will happen next..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

bothersome +_+

guess what I'm having now..stomachache..haih..must been from eating these expired bread I had in my room yesterday..they got some nice brownish fungi growing on some of them already but still that didn't bother me..until last night..guess I underestimate the poisoning capabilities those puny molt had in a result, I had to be extremely rudely waken up by a sudden jolt of pain from my abdominal part and an insatiable call of the nature..and that happen repeatedly for five or six times much for a good night sleep..haih..fortunately I'm quite prepared for this kind of situation already..a glass of warm milk really helped to lessen the uneasiness of my intestines and put my mind back into it's relaxed state..well, until further attack that is..
but what bother me the most is not this sort of normal malnutrition yet something which come from another field of science..more toward mystic and paranormal studies I suppose..around 3 o'clock(yes, this is a prime time for this sort of things to happen) I was suddenly woken up from my slumber..I felt someone or something just sat next to me on my bed..of course my sleepy brain came up with some blurred assumption that one of my friend must had decided to come crashing into my room for something..seems logical to me at that time and I decided to shut my eyes again and continue to sleep..but then I realized I couldn't move my body an inch..I came up with another sleepy assumption that my body must be numb and tried to change my sleeping position yet I still couldn't move anything part from my eyelids..I still didn't quite yet had my grasp onto the eerie reality which was around me at that moment..
then I felt that someone is watching me..maybe the person sitting next to me I now I realized the deadly silent I heard in my room beside the sound of the ceiling fan brain suddenly kick starts and analyzed the situation that within a few moments I became fully aware of the situation which I was unaware of a few 10-15 seconds was funny when I think about it now..
1)the fact I'm now living alone in my room
2)my friends were soundly sleeping in their own rooms when I woke up because of the stomach pain earlier
3)it was so silent that it was actually kinda unnatural back then
4)my brain was so foggy I didn't realise at all what it was really happening
so that 'thing' was sitting next to me staring right at my back and I couldn't move a limb even thought I tried uncool is that??my mind was racing to find a way to react while my ears keep on trying to catch any sound of movement from beside me..all that I know is 'it' is there, watching..the pressure I felt on my mattress suggest that it is still doing nothing over there..with the tension and frustation building inside, I told my body to move and turn around so I can look the culprit which is disrupting my sleep and forcing it way into my private space eye to eye(if it has it then)..tried as I might I couldn't budge an inch as if some unknown force was numbing my whole being and it wasn't fear..I had a taste of that long ago and it's nothing like what I was facing now and here..I keep on pushing my body urging them to move and finally my leg suddenly break free and I thrust it instinctively to where I assume 'it' was..thus I felt the pressence beside me dissapeared and my foot fail to connect what I thought it will but some other stuff I put on my bed and that send them flying across the floor..
I turned around quickly hoping to see some form of the 'thing' which was bugging me but it had just left I guess..I couldn't even sense it presence anywhere in the room by then..whatever it was, it was not malicious but more toward curiousity-driven or maybe a bit for me, well that add up another one to my current rate of encounter with the third kind..yeah, I had a bunch of similar experience already..some are even terrifying to remember..what it was??what it want??I have absolutely no idea..but I'll try to keep in mind to ask that if I manage to trigger it interest to visit me again in the future..or maybe..visiting you will come in next for it..tell him I said "hi" ok..hehe ^^
p/s: now that I think of's not so bothersome actually..there are other which is more bothering than this..haih

3rd Practical-1st week..

kids in putrajaya p14(1) sure are strange..for the 1st time ever I met some who prefer given works to do than allowed to play as much as they like..strange isn't??could there be something wrong with their train of thought, I wonder..but then again, I couldn't care less..for as far as I'm long as this six weeks went well then I've nothing to complained about..maybe I'll study them as part of my course assignment required..right now, it's much more important to put back my teaching gear into action and shape those little dwellers like I used to do in the past..haih..gonna be a bit tough now since there is a hyperactive kid in clase and a few underages children as well..these immature brats is like a time bomb without a definite way to determine when they'll explode and cause a ruckuss..still, nothing a slight raise of tone and a murderous stare couldn't handle for now..
on the other hand, the school is very nice..I got plenty to eat everyday and that saved food my allowance very much..just what I need to lighten up my tight account until my next payday..huhu..can't wait to get my hand on huge sum of cash to spend again..
p/s:my school is kinda active as many activities planned for each days forcing me to stay at school until evening..then again, since that means more free things to eat then I just couldn't complain about it..^^

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