Monday, March 8, 2010

Drowning =P

helpless..suffocating..slowly drowning into the sea of despairs..losing my spirit to move and fight on..I can not feel anymore zealousness..I'm drifting further and further away inside coffined thought of self-pitying..each miss action which I take is making me hate and hating myself even more..while I seek something to keep me apart, I experienced lost in my soul..what is going on??not everything is making any sense to me much longer am I going to fall??I'm not sure until I have reach the this the end??I wonder..
But, I haven't tried everything I have yet..when I look back into those many years spent to get here before, I can't let it over just this easy..I want to keep on struggling..try everything until I have nothing more left to attempt..even then, I can't let it go free from my grasp..I shall clench my fists and drag my beaten down being toward any path that I long as I have me, I won't stop..I shall not be halted..even slowly, but surely I will...

"man is not made for defeat..a man can be destroyed, but not defeated" Ernest Hemingway - The Old Man And The Sea..

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