Friday, December 2, 2011


last Saturday, I went back to Malacca after about 2 years since my last visit there..the reason? weeding ceremony..nah not mine but a friend of mine..well actually both of them spouses XD their wedding was held at PD but I had been staying at Malacca as it was agreed as a gathering point for me and some of my other ex-classmates..heh..the wedding was on Sunday's some sneak shots of the ceremony..

Monday, November 21, 2011

holidays XD

0 comments's that time of the year again..come to think of it, it's been 2 years now that I've been working..heh..time sure flies..I barely feel any differences XD whether inside me or in my surrounding..but when I stop and think about it, there's a huge difference between now and last time..I've gained and so I have also lost..never had I thought that it would came so soon..still life never stops and by driven through works and stuffs yet another year had almost come to an end..and as I lay here and think a bit for myself, I realized..I'm me and that shall never, dad..u just have to relax wherever you are now..I am still myself so that's okay..I'm doing fine even without you beside long as I have me, I'm good to go ^^

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I wonder..

what to write really..
I wonder what should I write..
I wonder how shall I write..
I wonder when I must write..
I wonder where I write..
but then I realize..
I don't have to wonder what to write..
I don't have to wonder how I shall write..
I don't have to wonder when I must write..
I don't have to wonder where I write..
after all..
I'm typing XD

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Snorkeling Part II


Feeding Fishes and ...


"Who to call" moment XD

Killing time on the dock..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011



our ride..

Sapi Island..

waiting hall..

ready to go..

Last weekend I went snorkeling at Sapi's one of the 3 sibling islands near Sabah..

It wasn't my first time snorkeling but it was my first time to do it in the ocean..last time it was inside a man-made salt water pool and it was great..I don't mind doing it a couple more time or as a routine for each outing next time XD still waiting for more pictures to be uploaded..till then..ciao

Sunday, October 2, 2011

my wallpaper art..


no I didn't draw any of these myself..they are courtesy of my online girlfriend(she's a girl and a friend so yeah XD)..she's the one who drew them or got it from a commission..looking at em reminds me of the time I use to draw's been so long since I had hold a mechanical pencil to draw like these..heh..well I was never a good drawer so I guess it's better I didn't go to far into it then..but there are times I felt the urge to pick up a pen or pencil and just draw again..mostly in a meeting without anything interest going on in the net XD

anyway I sort of compile all 3 of em together and make this one my notebook's wallpaper..pretty neat huh..heh..

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My New Life..

well actually I'm referring to my new notebook's battery XD yeay congratulation to I can stay online a whole lot longer than old battery can only sustain itself for 20 minutes more or less..but this new one can keep me onlining(lol XD) for a good 2 hours and more ^o^ hurray for my new battery..heh..I'm thinking of getting a new notebook earlier..not that this one have any fault or anything..I just need to update myself that's all ^^

Monday, September 19, 2011

100th XD

yeap..this is the 100th post here..nope..that's not my age seriously..heh..I'm a bit tired currently..I went on a trip earlier was held under the district's preschools council..we went to another preschool and for a little sight seeing..I experienced fish massage for the 1st time in my's kinda like those fish spa treatment but only with bigger fishes in a river..the result? my feet feels awesome XD

Saturday, September 10, 2011

it's been a while XD

hey I'm still here..same old-carefree-happy-go-lucky type of guy I am..hurm..minus the old part XD maybe it's just because it's me or maybe it's just them but lately, I've been seeing kids struggling to deal with matters that I hadn't face in my life..well perhaps I did, I just didn't care much about it back then..the point is, kids should just be kids..don't let problems such as boredom, love (lol, sorry can't help it XD), life? what if you are why should you care about love and how is it that you are not living..I'm not saying I'm the best example okay, I'm not..the fact remains I feel free compared to I the childish one around here? don't answer XD ah the way, kids in my point of view are those who are younger than me so it could be hard feeling kiddo ^^

Saturday, July 23, 2011

no idea..

like the tittle said..I have no idea what to write as of life has been a smooth sailing these's like there's nothing more in this life to give me a new dose of thrill and excitement..not that I'm not thankful of this peaceful time I'm having but I have a thirst for new thing to keep me entertained..perhaps I should get a new gaming console or a gaming notebook so that I can quench my deprivation for a while..these are not a definite solution after all since I tended to get bored easily and games are just as exciting as the first time..after that, it'll be a cycle of minuscule self-satisfying tries.."get a life," some would say but I'm living which means this is my life..isn't it so?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

C&P XIII - 18sx??

Kini, Pelajar Paling Cerdik di Malaysia telah ditemui!

Kisah ini berlaku di salah sebuah sekolah di Malaysia..Kini pelajar paling cerdik telah ditemui sebagai pengganti pelajar cerdik Amalina kita!Tahniah..teruskan bacaan anda utk menemui jawapannya:

Seorang guru, Cikgu Murni (Umur: 22) menghadapi masalah dengan salah seorang muridnya (Abu). Lalu guru ini bertanya kepada murid tersebut :

"Apa sebenarnya masalah awak, Abu?"

Lalu Abu menjawab, "Saya terlalu cerdik untuk berada di darjah 4, kakak saya menduduki UPSR dan saya lebih cerdik dari dia, maka saya seharusnya berada di tempat yang sama juga!".

Cikgu Murni dah tak tertahan. Dia bawa Abu ke pejabat pengetua. Sementara Abu menunggu di ruang tamu, Cikgu Murni terangkan keadaan tersebut kepada pengetua. Pengetua mengatakan yang dia akan berikan ujian kepada Abu dan jika Abu gagal menjawab, maka Abu harus kekal di darjah 3 dan berkelakuan baik. Abu dibawa masuk ke pejabat Pengetua dan Cikgu Murni terangkan pada Abu dan Abu bersetuju untuk ambil ujian yang akan diberikan.

Pengetua: Apa 3 x 3?
Abu: 9
Pengetua: Apa 6 x 6?
Abu: 36

Pengetua terus bertanyakan soalan2 berdasarkan tahap pencapaian murid2 UPSR dan si Abu mampu menjawab tiap soalan yang diberikan. Lalu pengetua memandang Cikgu Murni dan berkata, "Saya rasa murid ini sepatutnya berada di darjah 6", Lalu Cikgu Murni berkata pada pengetua, "Saya ada soalan saya sendiri, boleh tak saya ajukan pada Abu?". Pengetua dan Abu bersetuju.

Cikgu Murni: Apa yang lembu ada 4 di badan, tapi saya cuma ada dua?

Abu: (berfikir) Kaki

Cikgu Murni: Apa yang ada di dalam seluar kamu tapi tidak pada seluar saya?

Abu: Saku

Cikgu Murni: Apa yang bermula dengan huruf "K" akhir dengan "A", ianya berbulu, berbentuk oval, nyaman dan mengandungi lapisan nipis keputihan?

Abu: Kelapa

Cikgu Murni: Apakah yang masuk keras dan berwarna "pink", bila keluar lembik dan melekit?

Mata Pengetua terbuka luas dan sebelum sempat dia menahan, si Abu terus menjawab.

Abu: Gula-gula getah (Bubblegum)

Cikgu Murni: Apa yang mereka lakukan, lelaki secara berdiri, wanita secara duduk dan anjing secara tiga kaki?

Mata Pengetua sekali lagi terbuka sangat2 luas dan sebelum dia sempat hendak menahan si Abu terus menjawab.

Abu: Bersalaman

Cikgu Murni: Baik, sekarang saya akan ajukan soalan berbentuk siapakah saya, okay?

Abu: Baik Cikgu

Cikgu Murni: Awak memasukkan batang kedalam saya. Awak ikat saya untuk saya berdiri. Saya kebasahan sebelum awak.

Pengetua kelihatan resah dengan soalan yang diajukan oleh Cikgu Murni.

Abu: Khemah

Cikgu Murni: Jari memasuki saya. Awak menggesel-gesel saya bila awak teringatkan saya. Lelaki idaman akan mendapat saya dahulu.

Pengetua semakin resah dan tidak selesa. Lantas terus meneguk segelas Nescafe 3in1.

Abu: Cincin perkahwinan

Cikgu Murni: Saya ada bermacam-macam saiz. Bila saya sakit saya akan meleleh. Bila saya keluar, banyak tisu yang akan digunakan. Bila awak hembuskan saya, akan berasa lega.

Sekali lagi pengetua rasa amat resah dengan soalan yang di ajukan oleh Cikgu Murni dan ingin membantah, tapi si Abu mendahuluinya.

Abu: Hidung

Cikgu Murni: Saya batang yang keras. Hujungnya tajam. Saya akan datang dan masuk dengan lajunya.

Abu: Anak panah

Cikgu Murni: Sekarang saya akan ajukan soalan dalam Bahasa Inggeris, okay?

Abu: Okay

Cikgu Murni: What word starts with a 'F' and end in 'K' that means lot ofheat and excitement?

Abu: Firetruck

Cikgu Murni: What word starts with a 'F' and ends in 'K' & if you dont getit you have to use your hand.

Abu: Fork

Cikgu Murni: What is it that all men have one of. It's longer on some men than on others, the pope does not use his, and a man gives it to his wife after they are married?

Abu: Surname

Cikgu Murni: What part of the man has no bones but has muscles, lots of veins and loves pumping?

Abu: Heart

Pengetua menghembuskan nafas kelegaan bila mendengar jawapan yang diberikan oleh si Abu, lantas berkata "Baik hantar murid ini ke Universiti Malaya; jawapan yang saya fikirkan semuanya salah"


P/s: Jika jawapan anda semua salah, anda adalah sama spesies dengan pengetua yang mempunyai pemikiran kuning.....hehehe

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Comeback XD


I'm actually stranded right now because it's been raining non-stop since the with these overwhelming sense of isolated and boredom, I decided to end the drought after all this time..I was actually planning to keep on silent for a year but oh well XD Impulsive you say..I sure am..anyway, let just get this over with something I picked up along the way these past few months..let see if this works XD

Get Free Music at

Get Free Music at

Free Music at

guess it did..woohoo XD

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