Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Legend Continues..

Ragnarok Online II - Legend of The Second..with a new year comes a new addiction I guess XD so far this mmorpg is still in open beta test meaning there's a lot of bugs and glitches that needs to be fixed..but I can still enjoy myself quite well in this game..this game emphasizes heavily on quests rather than grinding for quick level up..of course you are free to go down with hard core grinds if you are up for it..there's also instances dungeons for hunting those new equips rather than buying them all from shops and vendors..plenty of boss to challenge ranging from weak newbie bosses to high end final bosses for those with skills to back up their guts and challenge..I must also mention the dual life system make this a new experience for some since if your tired from all those fighting and hunting, you can also go gather materials to craft more advanced equips and battle supplies..the in game cinematic are also quite nicely done by the team of developers..though I must admit hearing npcs speak Korean(I think) is a bit of kill joy..I don't understand one bit of course XD one of my friend comment that the voices of those kafra girls is rather watch out for it guys..for those looking for something new to do later, wait for the official release coming in a few months I hope..
here's the site:


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