Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A bit humanitarian..For Palestine..

while surfing the www just now searching for some material about the Israeli-Palestine war, I came across a simple was created by someone by the name of Datong Liu..his poem was created in regard of what is happening in the devastated land of Palestine..and while I was reading this poem of him, suddenly I felt intrigued by the fact that it never occured to me to write any kind of article regarding the injustice which befallen my bretheren there in Palastine..given the ability to think and write various topic, having the gadget which can help voice my thought out to the world, living a safe and quite life in my country, I had abandon the fact that there is other thing which I can do for the Palastine people beside donating spare changes and feeling sympathy for their suffering whenever I came across news about them..I realized how far I had pushed them away from my heart until I felt there is nothing I could do to help them..this is so wrong..I had let myself be damned but I'm not about to let anyone else fall under the cruel grips of my I call upon myself, and those who feel they can do a bit more than sharing money and grief to raise up and put your thought and feelings into words..I kow there are already a lot of other people in the whole world doing the exact same thing that I'm starting to do but they are not me nor you.. ask yourself this question, what else can you do??

you don't have to panic run into cover each time you hear a heli's motor roaring by..

Here is the poem which I mentioned earlier..I don't think the author will mind if I shared it with other people so I c&p it to my page..
~Poem For Palastine~

And everywhere I looked I saw pain
Mothers' angry eyes, fathers loosing sanity,
Grandfathers digging for tomorrow
Finding his grandson without a breath,
I hear the cries of babies, mothers, fathers, families, and bombs.
Silent malnutritioned children
Trying to save their breath for tomorrow
Their skin, like spandex covering a defeated skeleton
Eyes wondering without hope, not knowing why
Not even having the notion of thinking of cause and effect
No more tears to cry, just hungry
Peace corps tired and hopeless wondering why there are so many
House that used to shelter the warm love of a family
Shattered like glass against the concrete of democracy
Bridges that once symbolize our connection, broken
A child pulled at my pants and spoke in a foreign tongue "Sa'edni"
And no translation was needed
Eyes blinking tears, I hugged my fellow human being
And my head went to the WMD paid by US tax dollars
And all I could think was "why?"

by Datong Liu

I can't imagine this kind of sight must really felt..

I might never make an impact with this small thing which I'm doing..yet this is what I'll do..all that I can me..



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